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Welcome to Maybe Pile Studio

Maybe Pile Studio provides professional quality voice overs for corporations and home businesses at an affordable rate structured to fit your company's budget.

With a team of skilled voice actors, sound technicians and voice coaches on hand, Maybe Pile Studio can work within your schedule and budget so you can meet your deadline without worrying about your bottom-line.

I am a voice actor

Voice Overs
Add pizazz to your training videos, voice mail, and website to get repeat business and draw in first-time customers.

Script Writing and Editing
Want a voice over and not sure what to say?  Have a script, but don't know if it will sell?  Tell us about your business and we'll take care of the rest.

Maybe Pile Studio's extensive royalty-free music library can change a dull voice over into an interesting, exiting, and memorable segment.

There is no better way to advertise a new business than to sport a catchy jingle. Our musically trained and talented artists can whip your business up a unique jingle to get stuck in your potential customers' heads.

And much more!
Maybe Pile Studio's talented artists and sound technicians are versatile and willing to accommodate your company's voice over needs.

For more information

For inquiries about our rates and schedule, please contact Gerry Labrecque, Coordinator:
Phone: (401)741-1737

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